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Who are we?

Professionals from a variety of backgrounds and sectors who are united by a belief that anyone can have an impact!

Why do we exist?

We are working together to create sustainable social impact right here in New York City and the world at large.

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Sweta Govani, Co-PresidentSGovani Headshot

Member Since: September, 2013
Day Job: Director of Marketing at Yapp
Favorite Food: Pani puri (Yummy Indian street food)

Kelsey Overby, Co-President

Member Since: 2014
Day Job: Manager of Partnerships at NationSwell

David DeFelice, Membership Engagement Chair

Member Since: October, 2015 [Member at business school chapter since August 2013]
Day Job: Strategy & Operations Consultant @ Deloitte



Sia MouaSia Moua, Events Chair

Member Since: February, 2015
Day Job: Communications & Project Management
Coolest thing I’ve done: Walked in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Susan Kovar, Service Corps Co-Chair
Member Since: July, 2015
Day Job: Senior Manager, Digital Marketing and Partnerships at Simon & Schuster
Favorite Hobbies: Traveling, cooking, reading, getting outside

Grace Zimmerly, Service Corps Co-Chair

Member Since: August, 2015
Day Job: Improving NYC’s response to drug overdoses
Favorite Hobbies: Crosswords and biking (not simultaneously)

Amanda ZhangAmanda Zhang, Finance/Impact Assessment Chair

Member Since: September, 2013
Day Job: Merchandising and Planning Manager at Birchbox
What are your guilty pleasures? Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, booking travel plans at the last minute, and zombie movies (the gorier, the better).

emmett headshotLin Chen, Partnerships Chair

Member Since: December, 2015
Day Job: Financial services consultant at Novantas
What is your hobby? Finding new restaurants, playing video games, and frequenting puppy stores.



Alexandria Collins, Marketing Chair

Member Since: July, 2016
Day Job: Communications
What is your hobby? I love to travel any chance I get, I want to have as many stamps in my passport as possible





 Marketing | Service Corps (Pro Bono Consulting) | Events | Corporate Sponsorship


Emma Hohenstein
Emma Hohenstein, Events Marketing Manager
Member Since: December, 2014
Day Job: Account Manager at Vuture, a marketing software service.
Favorite Quote: “Never give up until you have released your unused capacity for service. One enkindled spirit can set hundreds on fire.” –  William H. Danforth


Kristen GoldKristen Gold, Email Marketing Manager
Member Since: October, 2013
Day Job: I work at EY on the corporate responsibility team.
Fun Fact: I’ve volunteered long-term in Thailand, Tibet and Nicaragua.


Willie Calvin
Willie Calvin, Marketing Committee
Member Since: June, 2015
Day Job: Business Intelligence Manager for Bond
Favorite Hobbies: I enjoy cooking, rock climbing, and music production


Anaïs Angoulvant
Anaïs Angoulvant, Marketing Committee
Member Since: December, 2015
Day Job: Previously, I worked in digital media planning developing strategic campaigns for large automotive brands.
What do you love about NYC? People from around the world coming together and creating an energy that can inspire anyone to achieve their goals.


Abigail Santner
Abigail Santner, Marketing Committee
Member Since: May, 2014
Day Job: Assistant Director at the Columbia University Arts Initiative
Favorite Hobbies: Running and any hands-on creative project, be that cooking or hacking an IKEA bookcase.


Service Corps (Pro Bono Consulting)

Karen Werbel
Member Since: September, 2014
Day Job: Head of Investor Relations
Favorite Hobbies: Running and any hands-on creative project, be that cooking or hacking an IKEA bookcase.


Sabrina Mirtcheva
Member Since: September, 2013
Day Job: Improving the operating efficiency of organizations
Favorite Hobby: Traveling the world


David Chee
Member Since: October, 2015
Day Job: Consultant, transitioning to the secondary education space
Favorite Hobby: Eating from food carts in foreign countries to test my intestinal fortitude


Melissa Wu
Member Since: October, 2015
Day Job: MBA student at Columbia Business School
Favorite Hobbies: I love hiking and in-door rock climbing!


Michele Cassell
Member Since: December, 2013
Day Job: Brand & Marketing
Favorite Hobbies: Running, cooking, and start-ups! 
Mike Lavigne
Member Since: March, 2015
Day Job: Product Management
Favorite Hobbies: Exploring new places

Danny SilkDanny Silk

Member Since: March, 2015
Day Job: Reimagining healthcare coverage
Favorite weekly routine: MondayPunday.com

A native New Yorker, Madeline Ngo returned home after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, where she studied Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. While she explored various career options during college, she ultimately went with her heart and joined the fashion industry of New York. Currently, she works in merchandising and planning at Ralph Lauren where she helped launch the new POLO label for Women’s. Her NYC extracurricular activities include volunteering with Net Impact, working on a start-up with old classmates, and being an active alumna of Penn. Madeline’s favorite past-time is traveling solo; her most recent adventure was to Rio de Janeiro.
Additional Service Corps Organizing Committee Members: Conan Magee, Chou Nuon, James Robinson, Adam Karmali, & Tiffany Chang


Alex Martin
Alex Martin, Impact Investing Chair
Member Since: August, 2014
Day Job: Small Business Strategist for a New Venture in the sharing economy.
If you could choose a superpower, what would it be? Flight.
Heather Layland
Heather Layland, Events Committee
Member Since: August, 2014
Day Job: Program Associate for the Education and Research Foundation of the Better Business Bureau
What’s your typical Saturday? I love starting my day with a good boxing workout (I’m addicted).


Meghana Reddy, Events Committee
Member Since: February, 2014
Day Job: Graduate student at Columbia University
Favorite Movie: Dirty Dancing 
Allie Kronthal
Allie Kronthal, Events Committee
Member Since: January, 2014



Corporate Sponsorship

Lauren Salzman
Lauren Salzman
Member Since: November, 2014
Day Job: Assistant, Consulting Programs at Common Impact
Most daring thing you’ve ever done: Skydiving over the Swiss Alps.


Olyvia Zarchin
Olyvia Zarchin
Member Since: January, 2015
Day Job: Strategic Planner at Zenith Media
Fun fact? – I have visited more places in Europe than I have in the US. San Fran, San Diego, Chicago, Seattle, and Boulder (to name a few) are on my bucket list.



Sam Verrill

A lifelong New Yorker, he returned to the city in 2011 and joined the board of NI NYC after two years in Bull City, Durham, North Carolina. Sam graduated with his MBA from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University, where he was an active member of the Fuqua Net Impact club for two years,


Surbhi Martin

While pursuing her MBA at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, Surbhi chaired the 2009 Innovating Social Change conference and conducted research in Uganda and India for global health and microfinance projects.


Esperanza-150Esperanza Cerdan

Esperanza Cerdan has 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, and is currently a Director in Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation, heading the Corporate Citizenship Group for Latin America. In this role, she provides philanthropic grants, pro-bono services and loans to social organizations, both non-profit and for-profit in Latin America.


cal-zarinCal Zarin

Cal Zarin is the Founder and Principle of Shared Value Media (SVM). Founded in 2011, SVM helps funders harness the power of local communities. They accomplish this by partnering with nonprofits to consolidate their outreach platforms and engage the community in one voice. SVM also specializes in quantifying the social and brand impact resulting from these community investments.


cal-zarinRaquel Zarin

Raquel Zarin is the Director of Development at the Ad Council, the leading producer of public services communications programs in America. In this role, she manages a large portfolio of corporate donors representing top media companies and advertising, PR and social agencies. With these donors’ support, the Ad Council is able to create and distribute more than 40 national campaigns annually on behalf of other nonprofit organizations and federal government agencies.