International Development Film Screening & Discussion With the Star

International Development Film Screening & Discussion With the Star

On February 10th, at 7 PM we gathered at Impact Hub in New York City for an exclusive screening of Episode 3 of A Path Appears featuring Kenya’s Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO). This was followed by a enlightening discussion with Kennedy Odede, founder of SHOFCO, moderated by Christy Sunquist, Director of Programs Operations at charity: water.

Film Screening

In this Episode, Mia Farrow and Ronan Farrow join Nicholas Kristof as they visit Kibera, one of the largest slums in the world, and share the story of SHOFCO as it provides the area’s most at-risk young girls with a path out of poverty and abuse. At the center of all their efforts is a first ever tuition-free Kibera School for Girls. This is truly an eye-opening look inside Kibera, SHOFCO and the heart-warming love story of Kennedy Odede and Jessica Posner, Co-founder of SHOFCO.

To get a glimpse, below are some quotes from the film.

  • “You meet people and you realize…they make you better than you were.” – Jessica Posner Odede
  • “It’s not where I am but where I am going that matters. My future… has nothing to do with my past or my present. The hard times I have make me better and stronger.” – Kibera School for Girls student
  • “Through hope we can achieve our dreams. It is not one person. It is a movement. People have to pull together. It’s about pulling.” – Kennedy Odede
  • “You don’t have to be rich or to be poor to have an impact. Everyone, everywhere despite their status can have an impact on humanity.” – Kennedy Odede
  • “If we work together to develop everyone’s capacity, if we cut poverty in half and double the empowerment initiatives that give people a chance to start their own course, it would have a breath-taking effect on all of our futures.” Bill Clinton

Missed the screening? Watch this and the other 2 full length episodes from the A Path Appears series on PBS through 2/16.

Discussion with Founder of SHOFCO, Kennedy Odede

Within minutes of the discussion with Kennedy, his charismatic, humble and giving personality was evident. He is a born leader with a huge heart. He has not only pure love but also true hope for his community to have a better future. He once said he wanted to be Martin Luther King Jr. to Kibera and he’s done it.

Here are some quotes from the discussion with Kennedy.

  • Kennedy on the safety and security of the girls, his staff and himself: “No, I am not afraid. I used to be a bad boy. But then we transformed the most powerful gang in Kibera to become advocates for women.”
  • “To be honest with you I believe in women so much because of my mother.”
  • Question of the night: “How can someone like me from this country make an impact in communities like Kibera?”
  • Kenned responded, “Remember that you are not there just to help, you are there to learn. Also remember you need partnership. Without Jessica I’m nothing.” Kennedy explained that making an impact is first about learning and building partnerships with the community.

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Photos from the night