Impact Session #2

Get ready for the next Impact Session! We are bringing together some of the pioneering urban farmers in NYC who are redefining

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agriculture and finding alternative, ultra-local models to get food to our homes. See our speakers below! Impact Sessions are free, but in this session we will help Ananda Harvest – another local farming project – raise its final dollars to get its farm and cabin up and running. So bring your support and a couple drinks to keep the party going!

Since space is limited, please be sure to RSVP:

Stacey Murphy / Founder, BK Farmyards

Stacey is the founder of bk farmyards – a Brooklyn based decentralized farming network providing local food to reduce the city’s reliance on fossil fuels and offering local jobs to boost the economy. She has five years gardening experience in the midwest, and has battled armies of tomato hormworms. She has a Mechanical Engineering undergraduate degree and a Masters of Architecture. She has been practicing architecture and design for the last eight years and hopes that bk farmyards will transform Brooklyn’s foodscape.

Jenn Nelkin / Greenhouse Director, Gotham Greens

Jenn is director of all things that grow at Gotham Greens – a NYC based company dedicated to growing the finest quality vegetables and culinary herbs for the local retail and restaurant market. Gotham Greens is currently creating NYC’s first commercial scale hydroponic rooftop farm. Jenn developed her expertise in hydroponic systems at the Controlled Environment Agriculture Center (CEAC) at the University of Arizona, where she received an M.S. in Plant Science. Her expertise encompasses greenhouse system design, plant nutrition, pest management, sensors and controls, and crop management. She has experience with a wide range of crops and cultivation techniques for a variety of climates. Prior to joining Gotham Greens, she was Greenhouse Director at New York Sun Works, where she designed and managed the Science Barge greenhouse. Jenn has managed two greenhouses in Antarctica, dividing her time between McMurdo Station and South Pole Station, providing fresh vegetables for U.S. research scientists.

Annie Novak / Founder, Greenpoint Rooftop Farms

Annie Novak is farmer and co-founder of Eagle Street Rooftop Farm, a Goode Green project with Broadway Stages. Opened in April 2009, the green roof farm serves as a community hub with its own farmers market, free lecture series, and as a training ground for new urban farmers in a neighborhood blighted by toxic soil. In 2005, Annie founded field-to-fork food education program Growing Chefs. A lifelong vegetarian, Annie has spent years traveling and investigating different ways people grow and eat their food around the world, from chocolate in West Africa to potatoes in Peru. She has appeared (talking about plants and food, of course) in New York Magazine, the Today Show, Edible Brooklyn and the Martha Stewart Show. Annie has farmed in nine countries and four boroughs.