Impact Session #3: Date Change to 3/12

When: Friday, March 12, 8 PM
Where: Location revealed upon EventBrite confirmation
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a full-length documentary on genocide. Inspired by the power of story telling she continued honing her craft by working as a Broadcast Associate for networks such as PBS, the History Channel, and 60 Minutes. Her last project, NextWorld for the Discovery Channel, was an international prime time series about what the world would look like 30-50 years from now. The series covered a range of topics such as urban transportation, medicine, safety and cities around the world. Experiencing first hand the range of intelligence in these various industries she realized education’s impact in every crevice of society. Armed with her own eclectic education in Asia and the US and inspired by the world’s geniuses, moguls, and visionaries came The Killer App and the formation of Something Far Finer Productions.

Raj Thakkar / Founder & CEO, Charter School Business Management

Raj Thakkar is the Founder & CEO of Charter School Business Management Inc, which has supported more than 125 charter schools in NYC, New Orleans and Chicago. Charter schools are typically launched by educators, who do not realize that they are not only educational institutions, but also rapidly expanding, multi-million dollar businesses. The primary reason that charter schools have been shut down around the country is due to financial mismanagement.

CSBM provides professional development regarding how to create and maintain a strong foundation of finance, operations and human resources at schools. CSBM also provides outsourced services to schools including bookkeeping, human resources/payroll administration and audit preparation. These services, which are tailored to the unique culture and needs of schools, are proven methods that allow school leaders to focus on what’s most important – student achievement.

Annie Novak / Founder, Greenpoint Rooftop Farms

Annie Novak is farmer and co-founder of Eagle Street Rooftop Farm, a Goode Green project with Broadway Stages. Opened in April 2009, the green roof farm serves as a community hub with its own farmers market, free lecture series, and as a training ground for new urban farmers in a neighborhood blighted by toxic soil. In 2005, Annie founded field-to-fork food education program Growing Chefs. A lifelong vegetarian, Annie has spent years traveling and investigating different ways people grow and eat their food around the world, from chocolate in West Africa to potatoes in Peru. She has appeared (talking about plants and food, of course) in New York Magazine, the Today Show, Edible Brooklyn and the Martha Stewart Show. Annie has farmed in nine countries and four boroughs.

Jeff Wenzinger / Technical Advisor, Win-Win Campaign by Envirolution

The Win-Win Campaign is an educational program that provides green jobs training for college interns and free energy audits for small businesses. Interns are exposed to the world of sustainability through classroom lectures, gaining an understanding of global energy issues as well as energy auditing principles. Using this knowledge, the interns give back to the community by providing free energy audits for small businesses in Manhattan.