Impact Session #4: Redesigning Healthcare on May 13

Impact Session #4: Redesigning Healthcare

Thursday, May 13th, 7:30 – 11:00pm
388 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11217

Get ready for the next Impact Session! This month’s topic: Healthcare.  We’ve run into some very cool projects in NYC from people and start-ups that are taking strides to improve patient health, convenience, and experience.  See speakers below.

A reminder: Impact Sessions are free, but you are encouraged to bring a beer or two.

Since space is limited, please be sure to RSVP. Please note our location in downtown Brooklyn. Doors at 7:30, speakers start at 8:00!

Hope to see you there,

Dave & Jeff

Dr. Jay Parkinson, Founder, Hello Health,,

Hello Health is a mixture of secure social network and electronic medical record that enables doctors and patients to connect in the office and online via email, IM, and video chat.

Dr. Parkinson is a practicing pediatrician and preventive medicine specialist in Williamsburg who’s been called the Doctor of the Future and one of the top 10 most creative people in health care by Fast Company.

Natalie Jeremijenko, Director, Environmental Health Clinic,

The Environmental Health Clinic at NYU is a clinic and lab that approaches health from an understanding of external local environments, rather than on the internal biology and genetic predispositions of an individual.

Ms. Jeremijenko is currently an Associate Professor in Visual Arts at NYU.  Her innovations in the healthcare, biotech, and political arenas led the MIT Technology Review to name her one of the Top 100 Young Innovators in recent publication.

Dr. Oliver Kharraz, Chief Medical Officer, ZocDoc,

ZocDoc is a free service that allows patients to book doctor appointments online.  Originally created as a way to find a dentist in New York City, the company has expanded its services to include over a dozen medical specialties in New York, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.

Dr. Kharraz co-founded ZocDoc in 2007 with a “patients first” mindset.  He’s held that view throughout his career, practicing as an ICU physician and as an Associate Principal in healthcare technology and electronic medical records at McKinsey and Company.

Diane Brown, President, RxArt,

RxArt engages patients in healthcare facilities through contemporary art.  By curating installations in hospital settings, they provide a creative surrounding that helps to relieve patient stress and anxiety, while increasing appreciation for contemporary art.

Ms. Brown spent over three decades as an art consultant, gallerist, and curator.  Her belief that art can transcend and transform it’s viewers led her to open RxArt.  She has lectured on contemporary art throughout North America, including the Smithsonian Institution and New York University.

Presentations last 10-15 mins followed by 5 min Q&A.  There will be a 15 minute break after the 2nd speaker, and additional time at the end of the evening to mingle and meet the speakers.


  1. I am at the World Economic Forum USA, Associate Director Healthcare Industries. I am the lead on a project, “Innovative Models in Healthcare Delivery” looking at emerging models of health delivery globally. If you are interested I would be open to joining this discussion group. Best regards, Michael Seo

  2. Would like to attend the seminar on Thursday May 13th. in Brooklyn, NY.