• Welcome back - we're happy that you're interested in bringing on another Board Fellow! This is a shortened application because of your previous participation, and the deadline is February 20th. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Alex or Ali at netimpactnycprograms@gmail.com.
  • Ideally meetings will take place in person, but may also be Skype or teleconference.
    Regardless of whether you've already identified a Board Fellow project, a Board Fellows liaison will schedule a call with you to determine an appropriate project.
  • Please outline the project in less than 300 words. Remember that a Board Fellowship is a twelve month, part-time (5-10 hours per month) commitment for the volunteer. Successful projects have typically been designed around an emerging or existing need within the Board, and zeroed in on a specific skill set that may not currently be strong among board members, such as marketing, social media, development, accounting, financial analysis, technology, strategic planning, etc.
  • These may change when the Fellow finalizes the project scope, but please give an indication of what you would like the deliverable to be.
  • If exact dates/locations have not yet been finalized, please include your best estimate.
  • (e.g., religious affiliation, recent significant changes in board members, new Executive Director, pending litigation, etc.)