Case Study | Cents Ability

cents-ability-logoProject summary: Business growth and financial project for a youth nonprofit

Cents Ability: Empower New York City high school students to reach their goals via prudent management of financial resources


Explore the viability of membership fees as a consistent revenue stream and best-fit colleges and universities to expand the Cents Ability franchise in hard-to-reach, target neighborhoods outside of Manhattan


  • Researched nonprofit organizations with similar missions to Cents Ability
  • Researched student organizations that aligned with Cents Ability‚Äôs mission across the major universities in New York City
  • Located high schools in target neighborhoods to identify where Cents Ability can have the most impact
  • Interviewed current volunteers to explore the viability of membership fees for volunteering


  • Identified three target neighborhoods with four colleges (and mission-aligned student organizations) with potential for Cents Ability to reach 28 additional high schools
  • Discovered that college students are open to paying membership fees given Cents Ability provides more networking opportunities and connections to corporate partners

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