Case Study | Kaplan Educational Foundation


 Project summary: Help an educational organization scale the number of scholars they support


Kaplan Educational Foundation Mission: A foundation dedicated to reducing barriers to higher education through cohort-based academic support, mentoring, and professional development for students transitioning from two to four year colleges.


Prepare KEF to scale the number of scholars supported by reducing cost per scholar, streamlining infrastructure for more efficient program delivery, and identifying potential partner organizations to share program costs and resource.


  • Interviewed employees to understand operational inefficiencies
  • Surveyed student program participants on their experiences
  • Forecasted financial situations based on fluctuations in fundraising levels, university financial aid, and number of students in program
  • Identified and researched organizations with similar missions to understand program model, funding strategy, and impact measures


  • Re-focused organizational attention on short and long terms strategies for scaling and measuring impact
  • Identified operational and financial opportunities for increased efficiency and cost savings
  • Created next-step project plans for implementing recommendations

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