Case Study | Peripheral Vision International


Project summary: Help a media and communications producing organization for nonprofits gain financial sustainability


Peripheral Vision International (PVI) Mission: To promote social change, public health, and human rights in Uganda and East Africa through alternative media strategies.


Help PVI establish financial sustainability and independence by attracting sources of capital beyond grant support in a manner that also enhances the organization’s mission.


  • Identified traditional, alternative, and income generating revenue streams and determined which were most appropriate and actionable in the short term.
  • Collaborated with PVI staff to determine key offerings for fee-based services.
  • Conducted market research for similar services and recommended models to set prices for expected client base.


  • With tangible service offerings, client targets, and a customized pricing tool, PVI staff can prioritize workflow and manage opportunities to maximize income.
  • Thanks to revamped copy and a rate card, PVI is able to present their expertise and services professionally in proposals and presentations

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