Secure a $10K Loan Via Kiva Zip

kiva_zipWe are a proud Kiva Zip Trustee! Kiva Zip offers first-time borrowers 0% interest, crowdfunded loans of up to $10,000. As a Kiva Zip Trustee, we will select and support social entrepreneurs to secure this loan! We will help the social entrepreneurs navigate the entire loan process through the Kiva platform, which reaches millions of people every day, and feature borrowers and their ventures at NINYC events.

Why Borrow? Kiva Zip loans can be used for any business purpose, including:

  • Invest in new equipment
  • Purchase inventory
  • Hire staff
  • Expand product lines
  • Marketing or advertising

NINYC’s endorsement means you get additional marketing to the 2,300 strong NINYC network, training and support to successfully complete your Kiva Zip application, and exposure at NINYC events. Loans are crowdfunded on the Kiva Zip website by individuals around the world who invest as little as $5 each. It’s a powerful marketing platform that can get your venture exposure to new potential customers and advocates. Kiva Zip’s funding success rate is 97% and the process only takes a few weeks.

Who Should Apply? Social entrepreneurs who are ready to grow or launch impactful ventures and need some start-up capital to make it happen! Loans are made to individuals, not businesses. Learn more about the qualification criteria below.

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Kiva Zip Loan Details

Qualification Criteria

To qualify for a loan, an individual must be endorsed by a Trustee (like NINYC!) and meet the following criteria:

  • Over 18 years of age
  • Have a PayPal Account or are able to create one (for loan disbursement and payment)
  • Not currently in bankruptcy or foreclosure
  • Under $100k in annual household income
  • Provide 3 peer references from your network: Kiva Zip will reach out to the references you provide with a short survey about you and your business
  • Invite lenders to the Kiva Zip platform: After you complete your loan application, you will have a “private fundraising period” of 15 days to invite the required number of lenders from your own network to contribute at least $5 to your loan. Once you’ve finished this step, your loan will be posted publicly.
  • NINYC’s additional requirement is that your venture must have a social and/or mission or offer products and/or services benefiting underserved populations.
Expectations From You
Once you are endorsed by NINYC for a Kiva Zip loan, we will help you prepare your application to Kiva Zip and feature you and your venture at NINYC events. If your application is accepted by Kiva Zip, you will be responsible for securing at least 10 initial lenders in the first 15 days after your profile is launched on the site. NINYC will secure 5 more.

Repayment: Loans must be repaid within 24 months in order to apply for a second loan of up to double the amount of the first (with a maximum loan amount of $25,000). To learn more visit Kiva Zip’s Borrower Hub.

Notice: A $10,000, zero-interest loan can be catalytic for a new or growing venture. But borrowing is a big decision. NINYC encourages members who are interested to carefully consider how a loan would be used and, as importantly, repaid within 24 months. As a Trustee, NINYC has no financial liability for loans, and cannot guarantee that Kiva Zip applications will be accepted.

How to Apply

Contact us to set up a chat to discuss your eligibility with a member of the NINYC Kiva Zip Committee.

If a Kiva Zip loan is a good fit for both parties, we’ll send you an application. Applications for eligible borrowers are reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the year.



Please contact the Net Impact NYC Kiva Zip Committee at

You can also find more information at Kiva Zip’s Borrower Resource Center.