Knowledge Portal from December Newsletter

We’ve heard of gifts that keep on giving, but some of these just don’t stop!

In Manhattan, start your shopping by heading uptown to Bazaar de la Paz ( This is the place for a one of a kind piece of furniture or home accent. Everything is crafted from salvaged, recycled and reclaimed materials, plus it’s all fair trade so you’ll be helping support livelihoods and growing economies while wowing your friends and family.

Live in Brooklyn? Head over to 3RLiving ( , Brooklyn’s own everything recycled shop. They’ve got gifts for everyone, including the dog and you can pick up a few holiday decorations for yourself. Yes, you’re allowed to indulge!

Looking for something that will help your friends and family practice what you preach? Go to and send them “the box” that will start them on their journey to save the Earth, while saving you a little hot air in the process. Throw in that autographed copy of The Lazy Environmentalist and before you know it, you’ll be learning from them.

Got one of those people in you life who has everything, including a reusable shopping bag and CFL lightbulbs? How about giving a gift that will make a difference in someone else’s life? Support an entrepreneur (, give a child a book ( or a mosquito net ( or help fulfill someone’s request, like paying their electricity bill ( on their behalf. They’ll thank you for it and so will the recipients. Hopefully this will be the one gift, they re-gift.