Website How Tos

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Here are a few quick tips and reminders about how to update the website. All of this is done through the Dashboard. When you log in you’ll see several options, however most of the content is managed through posts and pages, so that’s where you will be able add and edit most of the website content.

All content on the home page and categories are run through posts. All other menus are pages.

To add/edit posts, hoover over the posts menu.

Click on Posts to see all existing posts on the website. Hoover over the title and options appear, one is edit. Here you can make changes. The click on the update button to publish.

Select Add New, to add a new post. Please  ensure to select the category where you want to post to appear. All posts on the homepage are ordered by date, the most recent being at the top. The category selection will archive a copy under that menu option on the website.

To add/edit pages, hoover over the pages menu.

To add, click on add new. It is important to always choose a parent option if it is to go below a given category on a page. Please select from the drop down menu under Page Attributes, right below the Publish/Update button. Important note: if you leave the page with no parent, deselect the check box under Exclude Pages. Otherwise this will affect the page menus on the public site.

To edit, click on the on pages and you will see a list of all pages on the website. Hoover over the title and click on the edit. After you have made changes and updates, click on update button and the changes will now appear on that page of the website.

If you have specific questions, email